Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Truth be told, I am tired of face masks. I hate the way they fog my glasses. I hate how they make it harder to breathe, to speak, to listen. But the thing I hate most is what they are doing to the church.

Churches have divided over wearing masks. It may not be an “official” split, but masks have exposed a divided spirit. Churches now offer “masked” and “non-masked” worship.

We have let a simple piece of cloth determine when we worship, where we worship, with whom we worship and even if we worship at all.

We have let this piece of cloth stand between us and our sisters and brothers’ perception of love and concern for them. And we have done it all under the banner of “personal freedom.”. So I pose the question..

If Jesus were alive today would he wear a mask?

#letstalkaboutit #maskedup #gematlg.

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