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Faith without WORKS is DEAD!
THE GEM  Family is COMMITTED to Doing the WORK in our COMMUNITY

Copy of White Feed the homeless Charity

Bare Essentials Homeless Initiative

Wednesdays Starting at 7 pm

The GEM CHURCH recognizes that 46 million Americans visit food-sharing programs annually. One out of every six Americans lacks the BARE   necessities needed to sustain life even at the lowest of standards. Lack of basic needs directly results in innumerable physical, mental, and emotional health consequences that may lead to heavy cost burdens, further health concerns, and even death.  The onset of COVID 19 has further increased the number of Americans that are separated from resources that provide assistance with Bare Essentials. Bare Essentials may include but are not limited to FOOD, SOCKS, ALCOHOL WIPES, MASKS, SOAP, WATER, TISSUE, NON PERISHABLE FOODS, DISPOSABLE RAZORS, TOOTHBRUSHES & TOOTHPASTE!

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Genesis of Praise

Rehearsals are Thursdays @ 7pm

The purpose of Genesis of Praise is to draw those who are UNSAVED to Christ and encourage believers to experience Christ in a meaningful & spiritually transforming way.

The Genesis of Praise praise team sings every Sunday.

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Girl Praying
Prayer Clinic Image

The GEM Prayer Clinic

Every 1st & 3rd Saturday @ 12 Noon
@Ralph McGill Location

One reason why many of us struggle with prayer is that prayer births victory and victory never comes easy. 

Even our Lord Jesus Christ had to pray frequently and consistently in order to manifest God's plan. No one can experience, encounter, and engage the fullness of God without prayer!

GEMs Prayer Clinic has an enriched biblical and practical curriculum intended to offer hands-on group coaching on how to pray effectively. Each session is interactive, engaging, and allows the opportunity to ask questions.

As 1 Corinthians 4:20 emphasizes, the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power. When you attend GEMs Prayer Clinic, your appetite for prayer is ignited and your longing for God is replenished.

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Rehearsals Wednesdays @7pm

UnKUT GEMS  Dance Team evangelizes through the use of dance and Expression. It is praise and worships only to  “God” with the intent that God’s Holy presence will be exhorted among the congregation that he will uplift, encourage, heal, deliver, and save His people.

It’s not about the dancer but the message that God has for you through the dancer! It will never be about the dancer, but what God will do through the dancer. We must trust God in all things and never cease to pray. It’s never what the audience thinks but that God pleased with his servants?

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"Developing the Servant Heart"
Leadership Development

Sundays Starting at 10 am

“Growing the Servant Heart” fosters the growth of a Christ-centered Christian leadership character and goes on to recommend practical approaches to help leaders live this out. These tools will enable Christians who are leaders to put into practice the character and attitude that Jesus taught and modeled.

This proven Christian leadership program is grounded in practical reality but it is not pragmatic. Our classes are rooted in the character of Christ and are focused on Kingdom principles; essential Christian leadership qualities.

It is a journey of discipleship for Christians who happen to be leaders.

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Sundays Starting at 11 am

Partnering with families to guide children into growing relationships with Christ.

We desire to walk alongside parents in order to offer our support, resources, and guidance, as they are attempting to live out God’s Commandment in Deuteronomy 6:5-9 . . . to raise up children who know, love, and strive to be like Christ.

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